How we can help

Winston Churchill once said “we all have a duty to pay our taxes, but not a penny more than we have to.”

For those self funding their care we follow a similar philosophy in that it should not cost more than it has to.

The means test rules are complex but we can make sure that they are understood and that you are fully aware of the benefit and allowance entitlements from both central and local government.

We also make sure the often invisible issues like having the correct legal authority and the wording of a will is understood and robust rather than there being a potential problem in the future.

Where there is property involved we can help to assess whether to rent or sell it. If the latter we also look at the various options for allocating the capital to help pay the care fees in the most effective way and aimed at preventing the money from ever running out.

There are also the tax issues to consider. Often the sale or rental of a property can trigger a tax liability that has lain dormant for many years.

We always start with a strictly confidential appraisal of the legal and financial situation and frequently find there are issues that the family should consider of which they were not aware


Both my sister and I would like to thank you for all you did for us. When we first met I told you that I had two main tasks that my late father left me… Mrs P, Redditch
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We frequently find there are issues

that the family should consider

of which they

were not aware.